What does the club do?


We host and participate in a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including networking events, game watches, fundraisers, volunteer outings, and other social activities. We also participate in collaborative Big Ten events across Greater Boston. 


Where do you have your game watches?


Finding a home for Illini sports is tough! With the need for the Big Ten Network and a dedicated space with TV, audio, food, and drinks, we shift from location to location. Check our website and social media for more updates!


What are local club dues?


Annual club dues are $15/individual OR $20/family or couple.  Additional scholarship donations are always appreciated.


Do you have a social media presence?


Yes, we do.  You can find our social links here.


This sounds great, can I help in some way?


Yes, we are always looking for people to join the club or become Officers and Directors. Get in touch with one of us on the "Contact Us" page or look for us at one of our events. If we are not doing something you would like to do, that's a perfect opportunity to get involved and lead an event or activity.


Do you have regular meetings?


We have periodic meetings, on an as-needed basis, and at least one annual meeting a year to elect new Officers and Directors.  Usually, things heat up when we are approaching one of our cool, upcoming events.  Check the website for meeting details.



What are the Club's bylaws?


The Club is formally governed by a set of bylaws. Read them here.